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Foster Felines

All 5 of these kitties came from a feral colony near Cape Cod. It was not possible to trap their mothers, so these little guys are being bottle-fed.

As of May 3, 2007, three of these kittens still need homes to go to when they are big enough.

April 2007 - Jake

Jake has a home!

Jake comes from a different litter than Willa, Lyra, Wobbles and Wookie. He is about 3-4 weeks old in these pictures. He is a polydactyl kitty, with 7 toes on each front paw. He looks like he has 4 feet at the end of his two front legs! Jake has a big appetite, and is already sucking down some solid food, and is a star about using the litterbox.

April 2007 - Willa

Willa is a grey short-haired female, 2-3 weeks of age in these photos. She has a very, very tiny bit of white on the very tip of her tail.

April 2007 - Lyra

Lyra has a home!! She'll be going to live with Jake.

Lyra is a grey and white short-haired female.She's very curious and likes to play with Jake.

April 2007 - Wobbles

Wobbles is a grey and white male. We believe he has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This means he acts spastic, and often topples over while trying to walk. It is most likely the result of a virus contracted by his mother while in utero. It is permanent, but not progressive. The good news is that CH kitties can often lead relatively normal lives, but they should not be outdoors unattended. CH kitties often end up moving in a direction other than they are facing!

Wobbles does really well in getting to where he wants to go, even if he does sometimes almost do a handstand. He can climb, and loves to snuggle.

April 2007 - Wookie

Wookie is a long-haired, grey and white female. Wookie is also polydactyl, with an extra toe on each front foot. Wookie looks like s/he is wearing white mittens and also has a white belly. Wookie loves to snuggle, and really likes sucking on Wobbles' ear.

April 2007 - The crew

On the left, are Weebles, Wookie, Wobbles and Willa, in that order. On the right are Weebles (in the back) and Wobbles, in the front.

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